Thin, durable, and pliable, shiny sheets of metal have a multitude of uses. The thin metal comes in a variety of sizes and types and has many applications in the manufacturing, building, and other industries. Metals of all kinds, such as brass, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, and titanium, can be formed into sheets which range in thickness or gauge. Here are five great uses for versatile Calgary sheet metal.

Car Bodies from Sheet Metal

The automotive industry makes great use of sheet metal. The thin material is ideal for sculpting the bodies of cars and other vehicles. Even railroad cars are sculpted out of thin metal sheets.

Airplanes with Metal Wings

The wings and fuselages of airplanes both large and small are often covered with metal. Thin sheets are ideal for this application because the material is lightweight and strong.

Metal Roofing Materials

A mechanical contractor can use the thin sheets of metal to make roofing materials. Rain gutters and roof flashing are often made of metal. Conductor pipes that connect to rain gutters and carry water away from the building are also often made of metal sheets.

Building Materials by a Mechanical Contractor

Metal has many uses inside a building. A mechanical contractor can shape the material into a variety of things like furnaces and ductwork. Metal sheets can also be used as a wall covering to increase fire resistance or to resemble brickwork at a lower cost.

Decorative Calgary Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is also used decoratively. Breastplates and other decorative horse tack is made of thin metal. Decorative metal screens, vents, light fixtures, grills, trim, wall panels, and much more are also common.

These are just a few of the many uses for metal sheets. Refrigerators, dumpsters, electrical enclosures, tool boxes, hoppers, bins, medical tables, truck panels, and numerous other things are also made of Calgary sheet metal.

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