A plumbing emergency can strike anytime, slowing down or stopping your business operations. Having a plan in place helps catch plumbing emergencies as quickly as possible to keep them from causing more damage and disruption. Here’s a rundown on how to handle a commercial plumbing emergency. 

Notify Management of a Calgary Plumbing Emergency

Make sure everyone on your staff knows who to notify if they notice a Calgary plumbing problem. This could be something as minor as a clogged or leaking toilet or something significant like a flood. Post the contact information of the manager that employees should notify if they spot a problem. Keep the phone number of your trusted mechanical contractors Calgary available as well so that the contact people know who to call for assistance and repairs.

Turn Off the Water Main to Commercial Plumbing Calgary

Locate the water main for your building when you move in. If you have access to it, shut it off as soon as you discover a problem with commercial plumbing Calgary. In a larger complex, you may not have access to the water main, so make sure you know who can get to the water main to turn it off quickly.

Seek Plumbing Repairs from Mechanical Contractors Calgary

Once the situation is under control to halt additional damage, it’s time to call for professional assistance. Mechanical contractors Calgary can assess the situation and provide emergency commercial plumbing repairs. Find a company you trust to handle your Calgary plumbing now so that you are ready if an emergency develops. Make sure to find out about the emergency services they offer. Can you get 24/7 service? What do they charge for same day visits and repairs?

Don’t let commercial plumbing Calgary emergencies shut you down. Handle the situation calmly and promptly to help prevent expensive repairs and disruptions.

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