Owning a commercial building means you’re bound to run into plumbing problems from time to time. Learn about a few basic problems and how to deal with them to reduce moments of panic and emergency calls to the plumber. Here are some maintenance tips for commercial plumbing in Calgary.

Identify Leaks in Commercial Plumbing in Calgary

Watch for dripping shower heads and faucets. These can increase your water bill and create bigger problems if left unchecked. Inspect the area for signs of water damage and make sure the faucets are turned off completely.

Check For Low Water Pressure in Residential Plumbing

Low water pressure is sure to result in customer complaints, particularly if you own a gym or hotel. Use a pressure gauge to regularly measure the pressure of the water coming from sinks and showers. If the water pressure is too low, plumbing services can help determine and deal with the cause.

Operating with Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are annoying for customers and can get worse over time or indicate a more severe problem. Check your building for slow drainage and pour a mix of vinegar and hot water down the drains every three months. If the drains remain clogged, call a residential plumbing company.

Watch for Silent Leaks that Require Plumbing Services

Sometimes you can’t see a sewer or pipe leak until it requires serious expense in water bills and repairs. Watch for signs of water damage like peeling paint, discoloration, sitting water, and higher than usual water bills. A residential plumbing company can also perform a leak test.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

One of the best plumbing services you can schedule is for preventative maintenance. Having a plumber regularly inspect the plumbing and repair any damage is a good way to keep your commercial plumbing in Calgary in good condition. This helps you avoid more expensive breakdowns and repairs.

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